Home Audio Segment Entrepreuner Tomi Hassinen

“In recent years, the amount of music has increased enormously but what about the quality of listening? Downloading music is so easy, but has music itself suffered? Music has never before been produced at so technical a level as it is today. But for listening, people often use mass-produced, poor quality ear-buds."

The production chain for music can be of the highest quality, but the end result is played back through mediocre equipment. It is a pity.”

Tomi Hassinen states his opinion calmly in his work place, the Genelec House in Helsinki. It is a beautifully renovated old villa. The cosy and lyrical house is located in Arabia, a neighbourhood that also houses the Pop & Jazz Conservatory amongst other organisations.

Hassinen’s aim is to develop Genelec’s home audio segment with loudspeakers that were previously manufactured for professional users. He believes that today’s music fans deserve better than those ear-buds, and that when it comes to quality, Genelec speakers are undeniable. He adds that in Finland, a significant share of the company’s sales already come from the home audio segment, where tools that are designed not to play but to reproduce add aesthetic value to people’s living spaces. Even the smallest of loudspeakers in the brightest of colours is based upon the same principles as Genelec’s professional solutions.

“The smaller the loudspeaker, the easier it is to have at home,” he explains. “The G and F Series are designed purely for homes, they were introduced in 2010. Those who value quality think our products are an excellent investment.”

In true Genelec style, Hassinen is also working hard to open new export markets. “We are getting the job done, step-by-step,” he explains. “This company has never been after quick wins or impulsive decision making – we work for the long-term. You have to have good relationships with the right people. The distributors and dealers have an important role to play and we have long friendships with them.”

Tomi Hassinen is also a musician, like many others working in the company. For him, making a clear cut between work and free time is impossible. One third of his work time goes to travelling to different exhibitions. When he gets back home he relaxes in his home theatre, where audio comes from familiar loudspeakers.

“Watching films and listening to soundtracks is a pleasure. It is also very useful to actually use the products you represent,” he explains.

Hassinen’s first experience of listening to Genelec speakers was around 20 years ago. “I played my own recording. It was quite an experience! I listened and thought to myself, ‘wait a minute, there are many details here that I haven’t heard before!’ It opened both my ears and eyes.”